AIM3D ExAM 255 overview

The ExAM 255 is an industrial 3D printer made by AIM3D, a manufacturer from Germany. The AIM3D ExAM 255 is able to use metal as well as a variety of other materials thanks to its pellet extruder.

ExAM 255 3D printing technology: CEM process

AIM3D’s ExAM 255 ceramic 3D printer uses a unique 3D printing method known as the CEM process. CEM stands for Composite Extrusion Modeling, and is sort of a combination between FFF/FDM, EBM and SLS/SLM processes. Material is extruded and bound together with a plastic component.

The object can the be set inside an ExSO 90 sinter oven (not included), which chemically and thermally dissolves the plastic binding component. As a result, the final part is slightly smaller.

The CEM process solves common metal AM (Additive Manufacturing) issues such as internal stresses. Moreover, it is cost-efficient as it uses common and widely available pellets. Machine costs are also reduced since the ExAm255 uses no lasers, electron beams or vacuum pumps.

AIM3D ExAM 255 price

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