ANYCUBIC Kossel Linear Plus (Kit) overview

The ANYCUBIC Kossel Linear Plus is an affordable 3D printer kit made by ANYCUBIC, a manufacturer based in China.

A smaller version of this delta 3D printer exists, the ANYCUBIC Kossel. Indeed, the simple Kossel version has a build volume of 180 x 180 x 300 mm.

Kossel Linear Plus main features

  • Large build volume: this DIY 3D printers boasts a considerable 3D print area (230 x 230 x 300 mm) for such a price.
  • Heated print bed: is able to heat up to 100°C in order to 3D print ABS.
  • Automatic bed leveling: avoids losing time to level the print bed.
  • Modular assembly: users only need to assemble 7 modular parts before using the Kossel. The assembly process takes between 2 and 4 hours.

ANYCUBIC Kossel Linear Plus price

This budget 3D printer kit is available at the price of $339 (see on Amazon).

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