CEAD CFAM Prime overview

The CFAM Prime is a very large scale industrial 3D printer produced by CEAD. CEAD, which stands for Composite Additive Manufacturing, is a 3D printer manufacturer based in Netherlands.

This industrial 3D printer offers an enormous build volume of 2000 x 4000 x 1500 mm. It is one of the world’s biggest 3D printers.

CEAD CFAM composite 3D printing

This 3D printer uses a special composite 3D printing technology called Continuous Fiber Additive Manufacturing. The technology allows 3D printed parts to be reinforced with carbon fiber or glass fiber directly during the 3D printing process.

The parts are then stronger and more resistant, suitable for a variety of industries (maritime, automotive, aerospace, etc.).

Prime main features

  • Ideal build chamber temperature: thanks to a thermal imaging camera, the 3D printer is able to adjust its temperature according to the part and material it is 3D printing.
  • Material diversity: this huge 3D printer is able to 3D print complex engineering materials, including PEEK and PEI.
  • Continuous operation: according to CEAD, the 3D printer is able to run 24 hours a day without manual intervention.

CEAD CFAM Prime price

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