Markforged X7 overview

The Markforged X7 is an industrial 3D printer made by Markforged, a US manufacturer based in Boston. The X3 and X5 are part of the same series.

Markforged X7 Onyx material

The X7 3D prints with Onyx, a proprietary filament made of Nylon reinforced with carbon fiber. This material is strong (20% stronger than ABS) and can withstand high temperatures. Onyx enables professionals to 3D print engineering-grade parts at a fraction of the cost of traditional manufacturing.

To make the 3D printed parts even stronger, the X7 weaves a Continuous Carbon Fiber, Fiberglass, or Kevlar strand into the Onyx filament. This makes the parts as strong as metal.

Markforged X7 main features

  • Continuous Filament Fabrication (CFF): this dual nozzle system enables the 3D printer to integrate fiberglass, carbon fiber, or Kevlar material to the Onyx filament.
  • Material usage detection: the X7 offers material usage detection and informs users when the filament is about to run out.
  • High-precision calibration: thanks to a built-in laser, the 3D printer scans the print bed to provide accurate bed leveling. The laser also acts as a fail-safe in case of a power outage, by scanning and determining where the 3D print stopped.
  • 4.3-inch touchscreen: offers a friendly user interface.
  • Elger software: this proprietary software enables users to 3D print from their browser and control their fleet of 3D printers.

Markforged X7 price

This professional, industrial 3D printer is available at the manufacturer price of $69,900. Contact us for a quote.

Markforged manufactures various other industrial 3D printers, including the Mark Two and the Metal X.