Copymaster3D Copymaster 500 (Kit) overview

The Copymaster3D Copymaster 500 is an affordable large volume desktop 3D printer made by Copymaster3D, a manufacturer based in the UK.

Copymaster3D also produces the Copymaster 300 and the Copymaster 400.

The Copymaster3D Copymaster 500 is a low-cost 3D printer capable of 3D printing various filament types.

Copymaster 500 main features

  • Filament detection: pauses printing when filament runs out and then resumes when a new filament is available.
  • Flexible and magnetic print-bed: allows for easier replacing
  • Large build volume: this printer has a large build volume for the price range.

Copymaster3D Copymaster 500 price

The Copymaster3D Copymaster 500 is available at the manufacturer price of £598.99 (see on Amazon).

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