The Creality CR-20 Pro (Kit) is a desktop 3D printer kit made by Creality, a popular 3D printer manufacturer from China. The CR-20 Pro is a follow up to the CR-20 (Kit).

This FFF (FDM) 3D printer comes as a semi-assembled kit. All of the main parts are delivered pre-assembled, so assembly can easily be done within an hour or two.

This affordable 3D printer features a large build volume of 220 x 200 x 250 mm.

CR-20 Pro vs. CR-20

Contrary to the original CR-20, the CR-20 Pro boasts the following features:

  • Auto-leveling: the BL Touch Probe allows for 9-point auto bed leveling.
  • New power supply: according to the manufacturer, the MEANWELL 24V power supply ensures better and more efficient power usage.
  • Flexible magnetic print surface: allows for easier 3D print removal.
  • Improved filament sensor: notifies the user when the filament is running low and allows for auto-resume of the 3D print.

CR-20 Pro main features

  • Heated print bed: the build surface is able to heat up to 110°C.
  • Built-in LCD screen: the user interface is located on the main frame, which makes the 3D printer more compact.

Creality CR-20 Pro price

The Creality CR-20 Pro desktop 3D printer is available at the price of $419.

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