CyBe CyBe RC 3Dp overview

The CyBe RC 3Dp is a construction 3D printer made by CyBe, a manufacturer based in the Netherlands. CyBe was established in 2013.

This concrete 3D printer is a robotic arm that lays down cement in 3D.

CyBe RC 3Dp main features

  • Mobile: this version of CyBe’s concrete 3D printer is placed on a crawler with rubber tracks. Hence, workers can move the machine from one project site to another.
  • CyBe mortar: CyBe has developed a special material mix tailored to their 3D printers. However, other materials can be used as well.
  • CyBe Chysel: Chysel is the manufacturer’s proprietary slicing software. It comes with the RC 3Dp and is optimized for construction 3D printing.

Various nozzle diameters are available for different layer thicknesses. USB and Wi-Fi connectivity are available optionally.

CyBe construction 3D printer price

The price for this CyBe construction 3D printer is €180,000 (approximately $205,000).

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