CONCR3DE Armadillo White overview

The Armadillo White is a professional stone 3D printer produced by CONCR3DE. CONCR3DE is a 3D printer manufacturer based in the Netherlands. The Armadillo White was released in 2018 and uses Binder Jetting 3D printing technology. This professional 3D printer offers a build volume of 370 x 290 x 250 mm (can be upgraded to 450 x 450 x 250 mm).

Armadillo White is an R&D system that is fully accessible, both from a software perspective and a hardware perspective. Custom binders and powders can be loaded and researchers use the printer to customize material systems for all kinds of applications. Currently, universities and labs are developing different ceramics, polymers, glass casting molds, biocompatible materials, and more on the Armadillo White. Several add-ons have been developed that make unique material systems possible, such as a UV lamp attachment, a heater attachment, safety precautions for volatile materials, and more.

CONCR3DE printers run on custom NOAH software with which multiple parts can be loaded and nested into a single print. The software then slices all parts simultaneously and prints them. It doesn’t run on G-code but rather a stack of images, meaning it is very simple and parts can be oriented in any direction.

CONCR3DE Armadillo White price

The Armadillo White is available starting from €89,000.

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