Dagoma NEVA overview

The Dagoma NEVA is a desktop delta 3D printer made in France. The Dagoma company is based in Tourcoing (France) where most of the 3D printer is manufactured and assembled. The NEVA is delivered fully assembled and ready to 3D print.

NEVA Features

The 3D printer is based on a delta design, known for its simplicity and reliability. With fewer parts’ references its easier to maintain and simpler to create spare parts. Additionally, 50% of the parts of the Dagoma Neva are 3D printed.

The Dagoma NEVA only 3D prints PLA and is not equipped with a heated print bed, nor an LCD screen. This delta 3D printer is delivered with a 2 Gb SD card and a 3D filament sample. A two-year warranty guarantees a trouble-free product.

With the Dagoma NEVA it is possible to pause a 3D print. The 3D printer is also able to detect itself when 3D filament run out, and it will automatically stop the 3D print so it can be resumed later on.

Dagoma NEVA price

The Dagoma NEVA 3DP is available for the manufacturer price of $584. (See on Amazon).

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