Desktop Metal Studio 2 overview

The Desktop Metal Studio 2 (or Studio System 2) is a metal 3D printing system for the production of prototypes, end-use parts and tools, and low-volume production series.

US-based manufacturer Desktop Metal became publicly traded (NYSE:DM) in 2020 after raising over 711 million US dollars since its creation. In January 2021, DM acquired EnvisionTEC for $300 million.

Desktop Metal Studio 2 vs Studio

The Studio 2 is based on the original Studio System and uses a similar metal extrusion 3D printing technology called Bound Metal Deposition. However, instead of having the parts go through 3 processes (printing, debinding, and sintering), the Studio 2 now allows parts to be complete in two steps only (printing and sintering).

The debinding step is eliminated from the user’s workflow, but it does still happen. Previously, parts had to be placed in the Debinder with chemical fluids to remove solvents. Now, the debinding happens within the furnace; the heating stops for a moment at a certain temperature so that the solvents evaporate. Then, the heating resumes (up to 1400°C) to sinter and finalize the part.

Removing the chemical debinding from the workflow means that users save:

  • time, due to reduced manual steps and labor,
  • consumables, since chemical debinding fluid is no longer required,
  • and space, as the Studio System 2 features a more compact footprint without the debinding machine.

Other improvements have been made in regards to surface finishes, support structures (easier and cleaner removal), and infill. Desktop Metal states that part quality is better than ever.

Which materials can the Desktop Metal Studio 2 System print?

At the time of launching the Studio 2, Desktop Metal announced that 316L stainless steel was available to start with. More materials are to be announced later on.

It’s also still possible to use the Studio System’s legacy materials, including copper, as long as a separate debinding machine is around. Existing original Studio Systems can be upgraded to the Studio 2 version upon request.

Desktop Metal software

Studio 2 systems come with Desktop Metal’s proprietary Fabricate software. It offers an advanced access to print settings, with over 90 different parameters. Users looking for a more streamlined process can simply use the default, pre-set profiles (which also cover thermal debinding and sintering temperatures).

Desktop Metal Studio 2 System price

The original Studio System pack (with the furnace and debinding machine) was priced at around $120,000.

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