Dynamo3D D3D.ONE-EVO XL overview

The D3D.ONE-EVO XL is a 3D printer with an impressive build volume made by Dynamo3D, a manufacturer based in Italy.

Dynamo3D D3D.ONE-EVO XL features

The Dynamo3D D3D.ONE-EVO XL supports:

  • an interesting build volume of 240 x 240 x 600 mm.
  • a very fast 3D printing speed of 450 mm/s.
  • a heated print bed for 3D printing in ABS and PLA.

The 3D filament diameter is 2.85 mm (the standardized 3 mm).

In option the D3D.ONE-EVO XL can be fitted with a second nozzle for dual material capabilities.

Dynamo3D D3D.ONE-EVO XL price

The Dynamo3D D3D.ONE-EVO XL is a large volume 3D printer, contact us to receive a free quote.