The Modix BIG-120X V4 is a very large 3D printer kit for professionals made by Modix, a manufacturer from Israel.

The self-assembly and modular Big-120X V4 3D printer is a bigger version of the Modix BIG-60 V4. This large 3D printer format is suitable for professional applications and is in its fourth version, having received numerous hardware updates over the years.

BIG-120X V4 key improvements

  • IDEX dual printing – IDEX stands for independent dual extruder. With this feature, each extruder can ‘park’ outside of the bed while inactive. IDEX drastically reduces the manual labor involved in removing supports by efficiently using a special type of breakaway support filament. This is especially critical for printing advanced models with internal geometries using water-soluble filament. The IDEX add-on is a significant upgrade in Modix’s offering.
  • Fast 3D Printing – Travel of up to 350 mm/s, high quality printing at 100 mm/s and higher speeds for draft printing. Such remarkable speeds are made possible by strong Nema-23 motors on the X axis, which replace the current Nema-17 motors. Also, since the IDEX configuration uses two Y-axis motors, one per extruder, the motor weight-load on the Y axis is reduced and speed is increased.
  • Fully automated calibration – Modix is now offering a full set of automated calibrations routines to all our models including automated bed tilt, bed leveling, gantry alignment and Z offset calibration.
  • Multiple other improvements including optical end-stops that improve job recovery accuracy, stronger Nema-23 Motors on Z axis, improved enclosure sealing and ergonomics, emergency stop button as default and a fresh, new design.

BIG-120X V4 main features

This very large 3D printer boasts interesting features such as:

  • Dual extrusion with E3D Volcano nozzles
  • Independent dual extruder (IDEX)
  • 150-point automatic bed leveling system
  • Hiwin motion rails
  • Dual-zone silicon print bed heaters with PID temperature controller
  • PEI sheet with 3M adhesive

Modix BIG-120X V4 price

This large 3D printer is available starting from $7,500 (see here).

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