Flashforge Inventor II overview

The Flashforge Inventor II is a plug-and-play desktop 3D printer made by Flashforge, a manufacturer based in China.

Thanks to its door sensor and its easy setup, this desktop 3D printer is well-suited for beginners and educational environments.

Flashforge Inventor II features

  • Automatic calibration: bed leveling is done automatically.
  • Touchscreen: provides an easier user experience.
  • Happy 3D mobile app: this app allows users to design models and send them to the printer.
  • Removable print bed: facilitates the removal of the print bed and of the 3D printed objects.
  • Software: Flashprint, Flashforge’s proprietary slicing software, is available with the Inventor II. It can generate linear and tree support. Models can be split into several parts.
  • Door sensor: automatically stops 3D printing if the door opens.

Inventor II price

The Inventor II is available at the manufacturer price of $659. See it also on Amazon.

Several other Flashforge models are also available, such as the Flashforge Explorer DLP or the Flashforge Finder. A new version of this intuitive 3D printer exists, the FlashForge Inventor IIS.