iro3d iro3d printer overview

The iro3d printer is an affordable metal 3D printer by iro3d, a manufacturer based in the United States.

iro3d SPD technology (Selective Powder Deposition)

This desktop metal 3D printer uses Selective Powder Deposition technology to 3D print metal. The iro3d selectively deposits sand and metal powder inside a crucible. The sand acts as support material.

In total, the iro3d printer boasts four material containers:

  • Fine metal powder
  • Rough metal powder
  • Fine sand
  • Rough sand

The fine materials are used for the visible, outer parts of the 3D printed objects, while the rougher materials are deposited for the infill.

Once the 3D printing process is complete, the user must take the crucible to bake it in a kiln for two to three hours.

iro3d printer price

This affordable desktop metal 3D printer is available starting from $8,000.

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