The S600D 3D Printer is a one-of-a-kind 3D printer.
Its quick-change toolhead technology allows you to set up and print with the toolhead and nozzles of your choice in a matter of just minutes. And for a new print project in a different material, simply change the toolhead!

Multi-material, multi-process.
The S600D can print a wide range of materials using different processes: filaments (thermoplastics), liquids (silicones), and pastes (ceramics) in high quality.

Our technology is open. We share our 3d printing procedures and propose extensive online documention: our lab is yours. Print in one of our previously selected materials or experiment with new ones.

The S600D 3D printer is constantly evolving with a growing list of new modules that can be added or changed. The S600D evolves as 3D printing progresses: its flexibility and modularity ensure its adaptation to tomorrow’s technologies.

S600D main features

  • High-temperature extruder (450°C): the Lynxter s600D’s high-temperature extruder enables it to 3D print high-performance materials such as PEKK, Nylon, ASA, and more.
  • Heated chamber (80°C) and print bed (180°C): these features also contribute to making it possible to 3D print complex materials. Moreover, two different build plates are available (PEI or PP).
  • HEPA filter: the S600D’s closed frame and active filter help reduce particle emissions.
  • Ease of use: the Lynxter S600D features automatic calibration and comes with pre-set material profiles.

Lynxter S600D price

This professional high-temperature 3D printer is available starting from around €50,000. Contact us to obtain a quote.

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