The Tethon 3D Bison 1000 is a ceramic and metal DLP 3D printer. This desktop resin 3D printer was developed in the US by Tethon 3D in collaboration with the University of Nebraska.

Although Tethon 3D has been developing professional resins for years, the Bison 1000 resin 3D printer is their first commercial 3D printing hardware.

Bison 1000 resin materials

With the Bison 1000, users may 3D print a variety of proprietary Tethon 3D resins. The available materials are essentially high-load versions of Tethon’s existing resins: Porcelite, Ferrolite, Castalite, and Vitrolite.

Thus, users may 3D print iron, ceramic, glass-ceramic, and even flexible ceramic.

Tethon 3D Bison 1000 price

This professional resin and ceramic 3D printer’s price is around $17,000.

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