MakerBot Method overview

The MakerBot Method is a professional 3D printer with dual extruders produced by MakerBot, a US-based manufacturer. MakerBot is a part of Stratasys, the industrial additive manufacturing giant.

The Method, promoted as a “performance 3D printer” is designed primarily for rapid prototyping. It combines industrial-grade features in a compact, desktop format.

The MakerBot Method boasts a range of sensors to make the 3D printing process easier to manage. These include print jam warnings and low filament detection.

In addition, the enclosed “Circulated Heat” build chamber maintains a constant temperature to optimize print accuracy. This 3D printer does not, however, feature a heated print bed. MakerBot also claims the Method can reach print speed up to 2x faster than most desktop 3D printers.

MakerBot Method main features

  • Dual extruders: the Dual Performance Extruders equipped with a dual-drive gear system offer faster and more accurate 3D prints.
  • Dry-Sealed Material Bays: the filament spools are located in a compartment under the build chamber, designed to keep the print material sealed and dry.
  • Removable steel build plate: ideal to reduce the turnover between prints.
  • Circulating heated chamber: designed to control the temperature throughout the print in order to delivery higher dimensional accuracy, better layer adhesion, and improved part strength.
  • Ultra-Rigid Metal Frame: significantly reduces vibrations, thus allowing high-speed 3D printing.
  • Touchscreen: users can, therefore, access the 3D print settings via the 5″ full-color capacitive touchscreen.
  • Onboard camera: users can monitor the 3D print remotely.
  • Automatic print bed calibration: the spring steel build plate is automatically calibrated hence it offers more precise 3D prints.
  • Open materials: the Method 3D printer is optimized for MakerBot’s Precision and Specialty ranges of 3D printing filaments but it is also compatible with third party filament.

MakerBot Method price

The MakerBot Method is available for $6,499.

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