The Monoprice MP Select Mini Pro is an affordable desktop 3D printer made by Monoprice, a manufacturer based in the United States. This model features the MP Select Mini Pro V2 upgrades.

The MP Select Mini Pro features assisted leveling via the touch screen, thus it makes the calibration easy for the user.

MP Select Mini Pro V2 main features

  • Assisted auto-leveling: allows the user to more easily adjust for precise 3D prints.
  • Removable magnetic build plate: the user can therefore easily remove the build plate.
  • Touchscreen: 3.3″ touchscreen allows users to interact with the 3D printer options and change the settings.
  • All-metal hot-end extruder: improves print performance and reliability, as well as prevents filament jamming.

Monoprice MP Select Mini Pro price

The Monoprice MP Select Mini Pro is available for $199 (see on Amazon).

Monoprice also produces the MP Select Mini V3 and Mini Deluxe SLA.  Discover more Monoprice 3D printers with our 3D printer comparison engine.