Monoprice MP Select Mini V3 overview

The Monoprice MP Select Mini V3 is an affordable desktop 3D printer by Monoprice, a manufacturer from California. It is the upgraded version of the Monoprice Select Mini V2.

The entry-level MP Select Mini V3 comes with a one-year warranty and Monoprice offers a decent after sales customer service.

Monoprice MP Select Mini V2 vs V3

Contrarily to the V2, the V3 boasts 2 new features:

  • Auto-leveling: the 3D printer levels the print bed automatically for more precision
  • Touchscreen: a practical 3.7″ color screen for choosing files to 3D print

MP Select Mini V3 main features

  • Open source: the user may tweak temperatures and other settings instead of complying to manufacturer presets
  • Heated bed: the bed heating allows for higher quality prints
  • All-metal hot-end extruder: to prevent filament jamming

Monoprice MP Select Mini V3 price

This mini 3D printer is available for around $200.

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