Nanoe Zetaprint overview

The Nanoe Zetaprint is a technical ceramics 3D printer made by Nanoe, a company based in France.

The Zetaprint 3D printer is a Raise3D printer equipped with a Zetamix dual extruder from Nanoe.

Originally, Nanoe is a manufacturer of ceramic 3D printing consumables. Nano developed a line of Zetamix filaments to make ceramic printing accessible to any user owning an FFF 3D printer.

Resulting parts are 99% dense and boast the same properties than ceramic parts made with standard industrial manufacturing methods. Available materials include white Zirconia, black Zirconia, Alumina, and 316L Stainless Steel.

Nanoe Zetaprint price

The Zetaprint 3D printer’s price is around €10,000. Please contact Nanoe for further information about this professional metal and ceramic 3D printer.

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