Tronxy X3A (Kit) overview

The Tronxy X3A is an affordable 3D printer kit made by Tronxy, a manufacturer based in China.

A simpler version of the X3A that doesn’t boast automatic leveling exists, the Tronxy X3.

In addition to that, there is also a bigger version that doesn’t have automatic leveling: the Tronxy X3S.

X3A main features

  • Automatic leveling: to avoid time-consuming manual calibration.
  • Heated print bed: allows the Tronxy X3A to 3D print demanding materials, such as ABS or HIPS.
  • Aluminum frame: makes the X3A more resistant and stabler.
  • MK8 nozzle: reduces the noise during the 3D printing process.

Tronxy X3A price

This affordable 3D printer kit is available at the manufacturer price of $299 (see on Banggood).

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