The Polyga HDI Compact C506 is a professional plug-and-play 3D scanner made by Polyga, a manufacturer from Canada. It is part of Polyga's HDI Compact C series of three professional 3D scanners. Polyga HDI Compact 3D scanners use blue LED structured light 3D scanning technology to capture objects in less than a second. They are the next generation of HDI 100 3D scanners. The HDI Compact C506 is ideal for 3D scanning very small parts in high resolution and accuracy. Indeed, it features two 5.2 monochrome MP cameras.

HDI Compact C506 main features

  • Resistant: with its solid aluminum body, the HDI Compact C506 is dust and water resistant.
  • Plug-and-play: Polyga pre-calibrates their 3D scanners before shipping, so they are ready to use out of the box.
  • Small and lightweight: this gives users the possibility to access narrow spaces and to mount the 3D scanner on industrial robots.
  • FlexScan3D: Polyga's proprietary software features a variety of post-processing capabilities.
A rotating table is available optionally, and the 3D scanner can be mounted on a robotic arm. It’s also possible to add a texture option in order to obtain color 3D scans.

Polyga HDI Compact C506 price

This professional 3D scanner is available at the manufacturer price of $16,990. Discover other Polyga 3D scanners with our comparison engine.