The tOOiin identity Generator is a 3D body scanner produced by tOOiin, a France-based manufacturer. It can capture a user's data to automatically generate a high-precision human digital twin (HDT) in just a few minutes. These human digital twins can be used for all types of applications (fashion, sport/wellness, VR/AR/Metaverse, etc...).

tOOiin Generator main features

  • Closed, intimate booth.
  • Photogrammetric technology (16 Mb, 32 Mb, or 64 Mb cameras at choice) and integrated scale.
  • Avatar Export Format: Fully rigged and skinned FBX (.fbx) file.
  • Internal and external touch screens: simple and autonomous user experience.
  • Lightweight (250kg) and modular (can be assembled in 25 min).
  • Compact: suitable for all types of configurations and easy to move.
  • Respects GDPR regulation on personal data.
  • Biometric voice signature capture for unique immersive experiences with a voice connection process.

Related applications

The tOOiin body scanner comes with:
  • tOOiin Wallet, a mobile application that allows the user to use the scanner independently.
  • tOOiin XP, a mobile application that allows the user to directly use their human digital twin.
  • A store of other applications developed in the tOOiin partners ecosystem.

Price of the tOOiin Generator

Several solutions (revenue sharing, licensing, ...) are possible for this 3D body scanner and its related services. Contact us for more information and a personalized quote.