The Portal MX is a 3D body scanner produced by Texel. This body 3D scanner is based on the first generation Texel Portal. Scan results can be sent to customers directly, or used for AR/VR, video games, and even virtual fitting rooms, among other use cases.

Portal MX main features

  • Speed: This system is able to scan up to 40 people per hour, with 30 seconds of scanning per person.
  • Measurements: It is possible to obtain +100 accurate body measurements under the ISO-8559-1 norm.
  • Full HD quality with color: The scanner delivers full-color 3D models of people and large objects.
  • Auto-rigging: The Portal MX system prepares the 3D models in only 5 minutes. The models can then be used for 3D printing or 3D animation.
  • Easy to transport and assemble: Weighs 55kg, fits in a standard ski case, and no calibration required.
The system can be customized for specific environments, events, or store branding.

Texel Portal MX price

Please contact us to get a quote for this 3D body scanner. The Portal MX comes with a rotating podium, a high-performance Windows PC, and a tablet PC for customer or patient registration. Discover and compare more 3D scanners with our 3D scanner comparison engine.