The Portal BX is a full-color 3D body scanner produced by Texel.

This body scanning solution can be used for 3D animation, 3D printing (figurines), and digital body measurements for healthcare, VR/AR, fashion applications, and more.

Users only need to input their name and email address, and the scanner and software do the rest. Results can be visualized in 3D one minute later and can be shared via social media.

Portal BX main features

  • Capacity of 17 to 40 people per hour
  • Only 30 seconds required to scan one person
  • Full HD quality 3D scan model ready in 1 minute
  • Ready for 3D printing in 5 minutes
  • Customizable appearance for branded experiences at events or in retail stores

Texel Portal BX price

Contact us to get a quote for the Texel Portal BX body 3D scanner. The Portal BX comes with a computer, keyboard and touchpad, registration console, and basic repair toolkit.

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