Vitronic VITUS 3D body Scanner overview

The VITUS is a 3D body scanner made by Vitronic, a manufacturer based in Germany.

The VITUS 3D body Scanner Generates High Resolution and True to Scale 3D color scans. This 3D body scanner uses the laser triangulation technology to capture accurate 3D measurements. The 3D scan process includes a projected laser line and a camera looking at the laser line from an angle. 3D sensors move vertically during the scan, acquiring high resolution 3D data in just a few short seconds.

Vitronic VITUS 3D body scanner applications

  • 3D printing figurines: this body scanner captures full color 3D scans, perfect to create 3D printed miniature figurines.
  • 3D scan for made-to-measure clothing
  • Healthcare and fitness: the VITUS body scanner can be used for posture analysis, determination of spinal column curvature, follow-up of therapeutic measures, anthropometric research, performance diagnosis and more.
  • Virtual Reality: creation of 3D avatars for use in VR/AR

Vitronic Vitus 3D body Scanner price

The Vitronic Vitus 3D body Scanner is a versatile 3D body scanner. Contact-us to receive a free quote.