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Shapify Booth Artec 3D

Shapify Booth Artec 3D - 3D scanners
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Basic specs Price: $ 39,000
Model Shapify Booth
Brand Artec 3D (see all products)
Category 3D Body scanners > Full body scanners
Topic 3D body scanning (see all articles)
Technology Structured light
Max. resolution
Release date 2015
Country Luxembourg

Artec 3D Shapify Booth review

The Artec Shapify Booth is a professional 3D body scanner designed to produce 3D printed figurines. This 3D scanning booth is made by Artec 3D.

Artec Shapify Booth features

The Artec Shapify Booth is a full body scanner made for 3D figurine businesses. It uses the structured light technology to produce full body scans from 4 sensors. A person can be fully captured in 3D, with textures and colors, in around 12 seconds. The result is a detailed 3D model of the person’s body, generated within 5 minutes.

Once the 3D capture phase is complete and the 3D avatar of the person has been generated, the miniature 3D figurine (also called a “shapie” by Artec) can be 3D printed using an external service provided by Shapify, via a global network of professional 3D printing services. It is also possible to 3D print the figurine directly on a full-color 3D printer.

Artec Shapify Booth price

The price of the Artec Shapify booth is $39.000. It includes the integrated Artec software, a one year guarantee and the generation of 3,000 3D models. Contact us to get a recommendation and a quote if you are interested in starting a 3D figurine business.

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Shapify Booth Artec 3D


Model Shapify Booth
Brand Artec 3D
Price $ 39,000
Release date 2015
Country Luxembourg
Status Available
Category 3D Body scanners > Full body scanners
Technology Structured light
Output formats AOP, ASC, E57, OBJ, PLY, PTX, STL, WRL, XYZRGB, BTX
OS compatibility Microsoft Windows


Max. resolution
Max. accuracy
Acquisition speed
Camera resolution
Working range
Scanning area (near)
Scanning area (far)


Dimensions 3300 × 3300 × 3300 mm
Power input


Texture/Colors Yes
Robotic arm


SD card
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