The Artec Shapify Booth is a professional 3D body scanner designed to produce 3D printed figurines. This 3D scanning booth is made by Artec 3D.

Artec Shapify Booth features

The Artec Shapify Booth is a full body scanner made for 3D figurine businesses. It uses the structured light technology to produce full body scans from 4 sensors. A person can be fully captured in 3D, with textures and colors, in around 12 seconds. The result is a detailed 3D model of the person's body, generated within 5 minutes. Once the 3D capture phase is complete and the 3D avatar of the person has been generated, the miniature 3D figurine (also called a "shapie" by Artec) can be 3D printed using an external service provided by Shapify, via a global network of professional 3D printing services. It is also possible to 3D print the figurine directly on a full-color 3D printer.

Artec Shapify Booth price

The price of the Artec Shapify booth is $39.000. It includes the integrated Artec software, a one year guarantee and the generation of 3,000 3D models. Contact us to get a recommendation and a quote if you are interested in starting a 3D figurine business.