The Trimble X7 is a compact, lightweight 3D laser scanner produced by Trimble, a manufacturer based in United States. The X7 laser 3D scanner is equipped with a dual vertical deflection drive system designed by integrating a survey-grade servo drive with a high-speed scanning mirror. Its protected center unit also features internal tilt sensors for automatic self-leveling and three integrated cameras for fast image capture. This terrestrial scanner comes with the Trimble Perspective field software to provide comprehensive workflows, automatic in-field registration, and complete project visibility to validate data in the field. Output formats: TDX, TZF, E57, PTX, RCP, LAS, POD.

Trimble X7 price

Contact us to get a quote for the Trimble X7. Full price includes: X7, 2-year warranty, T10 Tablet, Batteries/Chargers, Tripod, Quick Release, Backpack and Perspective software. Discover and compare more 3D scanners with our 3D scanner comparison engine.