Creality releases the CR-10 V2, its improved CR-10 3D printer

Creality just released its newest Creality CR-10 V2, a revamped version of its large-volume CR10 3D printer.

With major improvements brought to its large-volume DIY 3D printers, the Shenzhen-based firm aims at making its affordable 3D printers suitable for an increased number of business applications while keeping its price under $500.

To that end, Creality presents a V2 of the CR-10 that is more precisedurable and user-friendly.

Creality CR10-V2 sideview
The CR-10 V2’s triangle shape
enhances its stability.


True efforts have been put on the enhancement of the CR-10 V2’s precision compared to its predecessors. A number of features dedicated to this purpose have been implemented to the 3D printer to offer an overall improved printing accuracy:

  • triangle shape has been adopted for the frame of the 3D printer, ensuring stability and reducing the vibrations generated by the printing process resulting in a more precise filament deposition.
  • dual-port fan has been added on the sides of the extruder to efficiently cool down filament and reduce its spillage.
  • Special sockets have been added to the extruder to allow the implementation of a BL-Touch auto-leveling device for perfectly optimized bed leveling.
  • A strong-adhesion glass printing bed to reduce the warping and maintain the part’s integrity.


The CR-10 V2 was designed to be a durable and reliable 3D printer that will work for a long time.

Its whole frame is fully made of tough metal making the printer weigh more than 11 kg!

The CR-10 V2 has an all-metal frame.

It is also possible to replace its classic plastic extruding unit with an all-metal titanium one to increase its resistance to abrasive materials.

Creality CR10-V2 extruder
It can be equipped with a titanium extruder.

Ultimately, the CR10-V2 is equipped with a more resistant high-strength carbon bed printer and a lasting Mingwei power supply.

User-friendly and practical

Furthermore, a lot of attention has been put to user-friendliness and user experience.

The printer’s assembling, which once was a complex process, has been reduced to a 3 connections and 1 step assembly process, DIY 3D printers never have been this easy to assemble.

Its new motherboard is especially effective in noise reduction, which is perfect for professionals 3D printing all-day long.

resume-print function has been implemented: after an unexpected power cut, the CR10-V2 will automatically resume the print at the point it left it.

Technical specs

Printing Size300 x 300 x 400 mm
Weight11.5 kg
Printing speedUp to 180 mm/s, normal speed of 30-60 mm/s
Precision±0.1 mm
Layer thickness0.1 – 0.4 mm
Nozzle DiameterStandard 0.4 mm
Hotbed temperatureUp to 100°C
ConnectivityOnline or SD slot offline printing
File formatsSTL/OBJ/AMF
Slicing softwareCura/Repetier-Host/Simplify3D
Operating systemMac/Linux/Windows
Power supplyAC Input: 115V/230V; Output: 24V
Power rating350W
Auto levelingOptional
Material compatibilityPLA/ABS/PETG/TPU
Filament diameter1.75