Introducing RAYSHAPE, a resin additive manufacturing specialist

The resin 3D printer market is a more crowded place than it was 10 or even five years ago. Once a niche technology dwarfed by extrusion printing, resin photopolymerization is now a burgeoning area of additive manufacturing, with exciting new products being developed all across the world.

Not many resin 3D printer companies, however, can claim to have sold a thousand units within just a year of operation. But that’s what RAYSHAPE managed after its 2019 founding and its 2020 launch of the Shape 1 and P200 series DLP printers. Buoyed by its massive success in China, the Suzhou-based company is now seeking resellers in Europe and North America so it can bring its latest production-ready systems to those markets.

Despite only launching the Shape 1 series in 2020, RAYSHAPE has already developed an upgraded series of machines under the Shape 1+ series name. Available in three distinct models, the Shape 1+ series is targeted at both industrial and dental users. Besides the brand-new industrial design and interactive experience, the upgraded series offers new features like a higher LED light power, an upgraded longer service life DMD chip, and a more accurate glass lens.

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The three new DLP machines are the Shape 1+, Shape 1+ HD, and Shape 1+ Dental. Via these three distinct models, RAYSHAPE provides a range of solutions for users in mechanical engineering, electronics, digital dentistry, education, cultural and creative industries, and beyond.

As well as catering to a range of industries, RAYSHAPE expects this upgraded series of DLP 3D printers to find its way to a wider range of international distributors and customers. Having already secured a 25 million RMB ($3.8m) investment from RICHEN Capital and expanded its Suzhou City headquarters since the start of 2022, the company could now — with the right network of partners — be in a strong position to take on the European and North American markets.

Combining high-level speed and performance attributes with a reasonable price, the RAYSHAPE Shape 1+ series could prove to be a fierce competitor against more established DLP printer models.

What’s new with the Shape 1+ series?

RAYSHAPE launched its first-generation Shape 1 series back in 2020. While that model enjoyed significant domestic sales over its first year, RAYSHAPE engineers were busy developing an upgrade in the form of the Shape 1+ series.

First demonstrated at Formnext China in September 2021 and now available for general sale, the RAYSHAPE Shape 1+ series takes 3D printing high-performance, functional parts capabilities of the earlier machine to the next level, offering new features, improved hardware, and a smoother user experience.

The Shape 1+ Dental 3D printer alongside the ShapeCure post-curing machine. Source: RAYSHAPE

New design and better interactive experience

The first thing that existing Shape 1 users will notice about the Shape 1+ is its striking new chassis. Gone is the flat-faced design of two years ago; in comes a more distinctive angular body that not only improves the cosmetic appearance of the printer but also positions the touchscreen interface at a more user-friendly angle for desktop use.

The touchscreen interface itself has also received an overhaul, with a powerful onboard computer and improved usability that will shorten the training period for new users. Furthermore, the build plate and resin tank of the Shape 1+ come pre-calibrated for easy, out-of-the-box operation.

Rapid 3D printing for prototyping and production

Upgraded components and tweaked firmware have contributed to a speed boost for the Shape 1+ series, whose predecessor already offered rapid printing capabilities compared to other resin printing technologies like LCD and SLA.

When loaded with fast-curing resins like RAYSHAPE’s own ShapeMaterials Fast Resin, the Shape 1+ Series can print at a maximum speed of 80 mm per hour along the Z-axis. This impressive pace makes the Shape 1+ a suitable tool for rapid iterative prototyping, as well as for end-use production.

The Shape 1+ series ecosystem with post-processing solutions for resin washing and post-curing. Source: RAYSHAPE

Long-life DLP light engine, maintenance-free optical module

RAYSHAPE has incorporated several new and upgraded components into the Shape 1+, all of which serve to improve overall performance while reducing the need for maintenance and repair. Amongst these new components is an upgraded, more UV-resistant DMD chip from Texas Instruments and an enhanced LED light source that can maintain a more stable and powerful output than previous models.

Finally, a new high-quality glass lens provides precise optical performance and strong resistance to temperature fluctuations.

Holistic resin system for industrial applications

RAYSHAPE is part of an exclusive group of companies that develop hardware, software, and materials for resin 3D printing. This holistic, integrated approach results in a seamless experience for users, as each individual element of the package is optimized for use with the other two.

RAYSHAPE provides a seamless software, hardware, and materials experience. Source: RAYSHAPE

In terms of materials, the DLP specialist has developed a wide range of options. It currently offers Basic, Functional, and Advanced resins, including Clear 10, Tough 20, and Detailed formulations to suit different prints. Each of these self-developed photosensitive resins is equipped with ShrinkCtrl™ shrinkage control technology, while also offering excellent impact resistance and thermal resistance.

Despite its broad material offering, RAYSHAPE is not attempting to build a closed ecosystem for its customers. RAYSHAPE 3D printers and software are also compatible with third-party resins, so users have the flexibility to use either materials designed for use on the Shape 1+ series or their own preferred materials.

The Shape 1+ series is available now. For more information, please contact:

RAYSHAPE’s office entrance in Suzhou. Source: RAYSHAPE