3D Platform WorkCenter 500 overview

The 3D Platform WorkCenter 500 is an extra-large format 3D printer made by 3D Platform, a manufacturer based in the US.

3D Platform produces other large volume 3D printers, including the Workbench and the 400 Series WORKBENCH XTREME.

WorkCenter 500 main features

    • Very large build volume: the build volume is 1400 x 2800 x 700 mm.
    • Fast printing: large extruders can 3D print up to 7.5 kg per hour.
    • Pellet and filament extruders: it is possible to 3D print in pellets or filament (or both). The cost is much lower for 3D printing very large structures.

3D Platform WorkCenter 500 price

Contact the manufacturer to obtain a quote for this very large volume 3D printer.

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