The SPEE3D LightSPEE3D is an industrial metal 3D printer made by SPEE3D, a manufacturer from Australia.

SPEE3D supersonic 3D printing technology

Australian manufacturer SPEE3D uses an uncommon 3D printing technology to create objects from metal powder, without heat. The material comes out at supersonic speeds from a single, static nozzle. Since the nozzle doesn’t move, it is the print bed that tilts on different axes. This limits each 3D print’s weight to 4 kilos maximum for now.

This technology enables 3D printing up to 100 grams/minute, a feat for metal 3D printing. Furthermore, the SPEE3D LightSPEE3D’s 3D printing technology allows users to 3D print a wide variety of metals, including copper.

SPEE3D LightSPEE3D price

The manufacturer price for this industrial metal 3D printer is around $650,000.

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