The 3DGence DOUBLE P255 is a professional desktop 3D printer for professionals made by 3DGence, a Polish manufacturer. This 3D printer is based on the manufacturer’s previous dual extrusion 3D printer, the 3DGence DOUBLE.


This dual extruder 3D printer now features an enclosure to ensure an optimal 3D printing environment. The P255 also boasts new hot-ends and an optimized cooling system.

DOUBLE P255 main features

  • Dual extrusion: this enables users to 3D print complex parts with water-soluble support material. It is also possible to 3D print with two different colors or materials.
  • End-of-filament sensor: the DOUBLE P255 is able to pause itself when there is a filament shortage.
  • Interchangeable print bed: enables users to easily remove their 3D prints from the heated build plate. The heated print bed can reach up to 160°C.
  • Automatic calibration: the 3D printer’s sensors detect surface irregularities and automatically level the print bed.
  • Quick-change hot-ends: 3DGence’s patented system enables users to easily switch nozzles. These nozzles can reach up to 270°C.

3DGence DOUBLE P255 price

Please contact the manufacturer to obtain a quote for this dual extruder 3D printer.

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