The 3DGence DOUBLE is a professional dual extrusion 3D printer made by 3DGence, a manufacturer from Poland.

This 3D printer’s nozzles can reach up to 270°C, and its print bed is able to heat up to 160°C.

3DGence now manufactures the 3DGence DOUBLE P255 with an enclosed build area.

DOUBLE main features

  • Dual extrusion: it is possible to 3D print with two different materials simultaneously, including water-soluble support.
  • Interchangeable heatbed: enables users to easily remove their 3D prints from the build plate.
  • Automatic calibration: the 3D printer’s sensors detect surface irregularities and automatically level the print bed.
  • Hotend exchange system: users have the possibility to quickly change between hotends.
  • Color touchscreen: for an intuitive user experience.

3DGence DOUBLE price

This professional dual extruder 3D printer is available at the manufacturer price of €3,095.

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