Aha3D Aha Star 1M overview

The Aha Star 1M is an industrial large volume 3D printer made by Aha 3D, a manufacturer from India.

The Aha Star 1M has a configurable build volume. Users can choose a build volume ranging from 500 x 500 x 500 mm to 2.25 x 2.25 x 2.25 m.

Aha 3D Aha Star 1M main features

  • Customizable and upgradeable 3D printer: as technology evolves it enables the user to upgrade the 3D printer, and modify it to suit a particular task.
  • Interchangeable tool heads: enables users to easily change between different nozzle types.
  • Heated print bed and build chamber: the print bed is able to heat up to 150°C, while the build chamber can maintain temperatures of up to 100°C. This enables to 3D print complex and high-performance materials such as ABS, Nylon, HIPS, etc.
  • Dual extruder with high-temperature nozzles: dual extrusion enables multi-material 3D printing. Two different nozzle types are available:
    • Basic (up to 300°C)
    • Standard (up to 500°C)
  • Error detection and correction system (optional): limits 3D printing errors (slippage, jam, motion errors, power cuts, etc.) and corrects if there are deviations.

Aha Star 1M price

Contact the manufacturer to obtain a quote for this industrial large volume 3D printer ($35,000-$73,000).

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