Anet E12 (Kit) overview

The Anet E12 is a budget 3D printer to be assembled made by Anet, a manufacturer based in China.

This budget 3D printer suits hobbyists and users willing to invest time for tweaking. In addition, the E12 only takes five to ten minutes to assemble and the wiring is already done.

In addition, the nozzle temperature of this 3D printer kit goes up to 260°C.

E12 main features

  • Adjustable belt: it is possible to easily tighten or loosen the belt by twisting a screw.
  • Large build volume (300 x 300 x 400 mm): allows users to 3D print large objects.
  • Heated print bed: this heated print bed, which goes up 100°Cto allows users to 3D print ABS.
  • Hotbed stickers: reduces warping.
  • LCD screen: provides an easier user experience.

Anet E12 price

This cheap 3D printer kit is available at the price of $390 (see on Amazon).

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