AON3D AON-M2 2020 overview

The AON-M2 2020 is a high-temperature PEEK 3D printer produced by AON3D. AON3D is a 3D printer manufacturer based in Canada. The AON-M2 2020 was released in 2020 and is an upgraded version of the previous AON-M2 from 2018.

This professional 3D printer offers a large build volume of 454 x 454 x 640 mm. Thanks to its high-temperature elements, it is able to 3D print high-performance polymers such as PEEK, PEKK, PEI, and more.

AON-M2 2020 upgrades

The 2020 version of the AON-M2 boasts higher accuracy and is even more reliable than the previous version. Its chamber is able to heat up to 135°C, while the 2018 version was able to heat up to 120°C.

AON 3D M2 2020 main features

  • Independent dual extruder: enables users to 3D print with two different materials simultaneously or to 3D print two identical objects at the same time.
  • High-temperature nozzles (470°C)
    • Their default diameter is 0.6 mm, but other sizes are available (from 0.2 to 1.2 mm).
  • Heated print bed (200°C)
  • High chamber temperature (135°C)
  • Liquid cooling: stepper motors and hot-ends benefit from a liquid cooling loop.

AON3D AON-M2 2020 price

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