Desktop Metal Fiber HT overview

The Desktop Metal Fiber HT is a continuous fiber 3D printer made by Desktop Metal, a manufacturer based in the United States. Desktop Metal is mostly known for their metal 3D printers.

Micro Automated Fiber Placement (µAFP)

This professional 3D printer’s most interesting feature is its continuous fiber reinforcement technology. Desktop Metal names it Micro Automated Fiber Placement (µAFP). Put simply, this means that a continuous strand of fiber is applied to a primary base material (matrix). To do so, the Desktop Metal Fiber HT uses two different print heads.

The printer allows you to apply the fibers in multiple directions to optimize the part’s strength. Continuous composite 3D printing allows parts to be both stronger and lighter than regular 3D printed parts or traditionally manufactured parts. According to Desktop Metal, parts from the Fiber 3D printer series can be two times stronger than steel half as light as aluminum.

Fiber HT features

  • Large build volume (310 x 240 x 270 mm)
  • 7-inch color touchscreen
  • Continuous fiber 3D printing
  • “Fabricate” software
  • Closed loop heat control

Desktop Metal Fiber HT compatible materials

If you don’t need to 3D print with PEEK, the more affordable Fiber LT version exists, allowing you to print only with Nylon matrix material.

Desktop Metal Fiber HT price

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