Blue Dragon Fireprint KH-1728 overview

The Fireprint KH-1728 is a professional 3D printer made by Blue Dragon, a manufacturer based in the United States.The Blue Dragon Fireprint KH-1728 offers a decent build size of 305 x 305 x 305 mm and can 3D print up to 4 materials at a time.

In addition, the Fireprint KH-1728 features a separate compartment with high torque filament feeders and an integrated cooling system. The professional 3D printer also boasts a monitoring window for ensuring the normal flow of the three filament spools.  

Blue Dragon Fireprint KH-1728 main features

  • 4-material printing system: thanks to its Fireprint Solo Nozzle System, the Fireprint KH-1728 is capable of 3D printing using 4 different colors simultaneously.
  • Xact Sensor: this 3D printer features automatic bed leveling.
  • Touchscreen: the 7-inch touchscreen is also compatible with any web-enabled device.
  • IP Webcam (optional): for monitoring the 3D printing process remotely.

Blue Dragon Fireprint KH-1728 price

The manufacturer price of the Fireprint KH-1728 is $4,499.