eMotion Tech Strateo overview

The Strateo3D is a professional large scale 3D printer produced by eMotion Tech. eMotion Tech is a 3D printer manufacturer based in France.

This professional 3D printer offers a large build volume of 600 x 420 x 500 mm.

Strateo3D main features

  • Dual extruder: to 3D print with two different colors or materials. Also enables users to 3D print with soluble support material.
  • Large touchscreen: offers an intuitive user experience with a built-in slicer.
  • Heated chamber (60°C): allows the printer to 3D print complex materials. The print bed is able to reach 120°C and the nozzles can reach up to 350°C.

This large volume 3D printer also boasts a HEPA filter and photocatalytic filter.

eMotion Tech Strateo3D price

The Strateo3D price is around $16,000. Contact us for a quote.

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