MarkForged Onyx Pro overview

The MarkForged Onyx Pro is a professional desktop 3D printer made by MarkForged, a manufacturer based in Somerville, Massachusetts (USA).

The MarkForged Onyx Pro features two extruders. The first print head is designed to create parts with the Onyx chopped carbon fiber filament while the other one extrudes continuous fiberglass in order to reinforce the 3D printed parts.

The MarkForged proprietary Onyx material is a black filament made from combining tough nylon with micro-carbon reinforcement. The Onyx 3D printing material offers the possibility to create stiff and dimensionally stable engineering grade parts, with twice the strength of other 3D printed plastics. The Onyx 3D printed parts also have a high quality surface finish and high heat tolerance.

The Markforged Fiberglass is a continuous fiber designed to reinforce Onyx material. The 3D printed parts containing fiberglass offers 5 times the strength of Onyx parts alone in addition to other properties not found anywhere else in 3D printing. Fiberglass reinforced parts are recommended for a wide variety of strong, robust parts.

The MarkForged Onyx Pro is delivered with Markforged Eiger software browser based, powerful and easy to use. Eiger allows a precise control of the 3D printing process.