Formlabs Form 1+ overview

The Formlabs Form 1+ is a SLA desktop 3D printer manufactured by Formlabs, a Massachusetts-based company founded in September 2011.

The Formlabs Form 1+ is an upgraded version of the Form 1, the first 3D printer designed by Formlabs. Compared to its predecessor the Form 1+ is twice as fast with a laser 4 times more powerful. Formlabs introduced the Form 2 September 2015.

This 3D printer uses the Stereolithography (SLA) technology. The Form 1+ uses a laser to selectively photocure liquid resin and 3D print an object layer after layer. This technology allows a very high level of detail and is compatible with a wide variety of resins suited for different applications: Standard, Castable, Flexible and Tough.

The Formlabs Form 1+ is a powerful 3D printer for hobbyists and professionals such as jewelers or dentists. The performance of the Formlabs Form 1+ is amazing at this price level but it is expensive to operate even with generic resin (which does not come cheap). The resin tank should be replaced every three liters of resin.

This 3D printer has been selected as one of the best “Resin” options in the 3D Hubs 2015 report.

Formlabs Form 1+ price

The Formlabs Form 1+ manufacturer price is $3,299.