Geeetech Delta Rostock mini G2S Pro (Kit) overview

The Geeetech Delta Rostock mini G2S Pro is an affordable delta-type desktop 3D printer, made by the Chinese manufacturer Geeetech. Just like the Geeetech Prusa I3 pro B, the Rostock mini G2S comes as a kit to be assembled by the user.

The Delta Rostock mini G2S Pro comes with a heated print bed, which thanks to its high temperature (110°C), allows the 3D printer to 3D print using ABS, Nylon and Wood filaments.

This delta desktop 3D printer also features automatic calibration, meaning that the user doesn’t have to adjust their printer every time they start 3D printing. Moreover, thanks to its new metal components, calibration is more accurate than in previous Geeetech models.

Delta Rostock mini G2S Pro main features

  • Dual extruder: ideal for 3D printing two materials at the same time (supports or two-colored prints).
  • Aluminum and acrylic heated print bed: the laser-cut aluminum and acrylic heated print bed make for a smooth surface, thus improving accuracy and 3D printing speed.
  • High extruder temperature: with an extruder temperature of 240°C, the Delta Rostock mini G2S can easily handle Nylon and Wood filaments.

Delta Rostock mini G2S Pro price

The manufacturer price of the Chinese-made delta-type 3D printer is $368. It is also available on Amazon US (see it on Amazon here).