Hyrel 3D Hydra 16A overview

The Hyrel 3D Hydra 16A is a professional desktop 3D printer made by Hyrel 3D, a manufacturer from the US.

This 3D printer is customizable on various levels: build volume, print bed, extruder, and more. The Hydra 16A is also known as the Hydra 340 or Hydra 630 (depending on build size).

When equipped with the MK1-450 extruder head, the Hydra 16A is able to 3D print high-performance materials such as PEEK or PEI (ULTEM). The build chamber can be heated up to 55°C.

This 3D printer can also print with clays, biologicals, flexibles, UV-curables, RTV Silicones, 2- and 3-part mixtures at programmable ratios -so literally thousands of materials . It is highly evolutive and also offers options for 4th and 5th axes, a 3-phase spindle tool, CO2 or Diode lasers, and more.

Hyrel 3D Hydra 16A main features

  • Enclosed and heated build chamber: offers stable temperatures for 3D printing with complex materials.
  • All-in-one PC: the Hydra 16A comes with a Windows tablet PC. All drivers and necessary software are pre-installed, for plug-n-play 3D printing out of the box.
  • High-temperature print bed (optional): different print beds are available, with maximum temperatures ranging from 120°C to 200°C.
  • High-temperature extruder (optional): the MK1-450 extruder can heat up to 450°C in order to 3D print PEEK and other high-resistance materials.
  • Multi-extruder (optional): it is possible to equip the Hydra 16A with up to five nozzles at a time.

A number of other optional features are also available. This includes a CNC mill head, laser engraving head, and an onboard camera for monitoring. Various nozzle sizes are available as well, ranging from 0.35 mm to 1 mm in diameter.

Hyrel 3D Hydra 16A price

This PEEK 3D printer’s manufacturer price is around $11,400, but can vary depending on add-ons and options.

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