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M3 Dual (M3-ID) MakerGear - 3D printers
M3 Dual (M3-ID) M3 Dual (M3-ID) Product description: A desktop 3D printer with a maximum build size of 203 x 254 x 203 mm, manufactured by MakerGear. Customer reviews:
Review of the M3 Dual (M3-ID) desktop 3D printer. - by , May 9, 2017
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Basic specs Price: $ 3,299
Model M3 Dual (M3-ID)
Brand MakerGear (see all products)
Category Hobbyist
Technology Extrusion
Material Thermoplastics > Standard (PLA, ABS…), Thermoplastics > Engineering (PC, nylon…)
Build volume
Release date 2017
Country Sweden

MakerGear M3 Dual (M3-ID) review

The MakerGear M3 Dual is a professional FDM desktop 3D printer by MakerGear, a manufacturer from Ohio, US. The M3 Independent Dual is also known as the M3-ID or M3 Independent Dual Extrusion.
The M3 is the newest successor to the award-winning M2 3D Printer. This versatile 3D printer is positioned as a reliable workhorse, designed to offer continuous operation and long-term performance for professional, industrial, and educational use.
The M3 comes in two versions, the M3 Single Extrusion (M3-SE) and the M3 Independent Dual (M3-ID).

MakerGear M3 Dual (M3-ID) features

Crafted from precision-machined components, this professional desktop 3D printer offers interesting features such as:

  • Independent dual extrusion: allowing for greater speed with flexible and rigid composite printing, multi-colored/multi-material 3D printing, and soluble support 3D printing.
  • V4 hotends and different nozzle diameters: this 3D printer comes with a 0.35 mm standard brass nozzle. Brass nozzles (diameter 0.25 – 0.75 mm) and stainless steel nozzles (diameter 0.35 – 0.5 mm) are available. The nozzles can reach a temperature between 180 and 300°C in less than 2 minutes.
  • Bed-leveling system with touch probe: MakerGear names this feature “True Leveling” and, according to them, it’s more precise, reliable, and convenient than regular auto-leveling.
  • Heated print bed: the build plate temperature can reach up to 130°C with the MakerGear enclosure and 120°C without it.
  • “Auto-prep” option: pre-configured material profiles allow for a one-click preparation of STL files with a broad range of materials.

The M3-ID is able to 3D print ABS, HIPS, Nylon, PET-G, PET-T, PLA, polycarbonate, PVA, TPE, and TPU as well as metal composites (metal, wood, carbon fiber, etc.).

An optional enclosure for the M3-ID Rev. 1 is also available for an additional fee.

MakerGear M3 Dual (M3-ID) price

The manufacturer price of the M3-ID is $3,299.

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MakerGear M3 Dual (M3-ID) tests and ratings
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M3 Dual (M3-ID) MakerGear


Model M3 Dual (M3-ID)
Manufacturer MakerGear
Price $ 3,299
Release date 2017
Country Sweden
Status Available
Category Hobbyist
Technology Extrusion
Material Thermoplastics > Standard (PLA, ABS…), Thermoplastics > Engineering (PC, nylon…)


Max. build size Build volume:
Max. build volume 10.47 L
Max. temperatures
Build chamber
Build plate
Min. layer thickness 0.02 mm
XY accuracy
Max. print speed 450 mm/s


Dimensions 533 × 610 × 420 mm
Weight 12 kg
Nozzle diameter(s) 0.35 mm
Filament diameter 1.75 mm
Power input 100 - 120 V (4 A)/220 - 240 V (2 A), 47 - 63 Hz100


Heated print bed Yes
Dual extruder Yes
Independent Dual Extruder (IDEX) Yes
Multiple extruders (3+)
Pellet extruder
Full color
Conveyor belt
Hybrid manufacturing
Freeform (robotic arm)


Wifi Yes
SD card Yes
Ethernet Yes
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