MASSIVit 3D Massivit 1500 overview

The MASSIVit 3D Massivit 1500 is a large volume industrial 3D printer from MASSIVit 3D, an Israeli manufacturer.  Thanks to the company’s proprietary Gel Dispensing Printing technology, the Massivit 1500 can quickly produce lightweight, hollow 3D prints.

MASSIVit 3D designs its 3D printers for visual communication professionals who seek more detailed customization of traditional signage and displays.

Massivit 1500 main features

  • Build size: 1450 x 1170 x 1470 mm, ideal for 3D printing large objects in one go.
  • Printing speed: 250 mm/sec linear speed, 30cm /11.4” on Z axis per hour.

MASSIVit 3D Massivit 1500 price

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