NOVA3D Photon overview

The NOVA3D Photon is an affordable desktop resin (LCD) 3D printer made by NOVA3D, a Chinese manufacturer.

The Photon uses UV LCD photocuring technology. NOVA3D also produce the Bene1, Bene2, and the Bene3.

NOVA3D Photon main features

  • 7″ touchscreen: therefore allows for easy user interaction and control of a 3D print.
  • Printing app: thus users can manage the 3D print via their mobile phone, tablet or computer.
  • Faulty print detection: users are thus made aware of faulty prints via an alarm.
  • Open materials: users may also choose to use third-party resin.

NOVA3D Photon price

This desktop 3D printer is available from Amazon.

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