Photocentric Liquid Crystal High-Res 2 overview

The Photocentric Liquid Crystal High-Res 2 is a professional resin 3D printer made by Photocentric, a manufacturer from the UK.

This desktop resin 3D printer is a follow-up to the first Liquid Crystal High-Res (LC HR). The LC HR 2 boasts improvements such as an enhanced drive unit, pre-homed platform, flexible build plate, and a new disposable vat system.

Liquid Crystal High-Res 2 main features

  • High-resolution LCD screen: the 9.7-inch 2K LCD screen used to solidify the resin offers a high resolution of 2048 x 1536 pixels.
  • XY resolution: Photocentric’s Liquid Crystal HR 2 offers a great resolution of 96 microns, or 0,096 mm.
  • Touchscreen: the LC HR 2 offers a friendly user interface with its 7-inch color touchscreen.
  • Software: this resin 3D printer comes with a lifetime license for Photocentric Studio software.

A dedicated part-washing unit– Photocentric Wash– and liquid resin cleaner are also available separately. The Photocentric Wash unit is able to easily clean parts in a few minutes.

Photocentric Liquid Crystal High-Res 2 price

The manufacturer starting price for the Photocentric LC HR 2 is $2,450.

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