Q3D TwoUp (Kit) overview

The Q3D TwoUp (Kit) is a low-cost desktop 3D printer made by Q3D, a Chinese manufacturer. Q3D stands for Quintessential Universal Building Device; they are also known as QUBD.

Their previous 3D printer the OneUp was launched on the Kickstarter crowdfunding platform.

The entry-range Q3D TwoUp is not difficult to assemble but may take more than a few hours to complete, especially for beginners. This DIY 3D printer being low budget, it is necessary to put work and time into it to get high quality prints. The Q3D TwoUp’s basic design is very customizable, so it is possible to 3D print additional parts to upgrade it.

Q3D TwoUp price

The Q3D TwoUp is available at the affordable price of $239, and with the heated bed functionality it is at $279. This 3D printer is available on Amazon.