The RapidShape HA40 II is a professional large volume 3D printer made by RapidShape, a manufacturer based in Germany.

This resin 3D printer is suitable for the production of hearing aids.

It boasts the same features as the HA20 II and the HA30 II, but focuses more on volume production and provides a larger build volume.

HA40 II main features

  • Automatic calibration system: doesn’t require any manual calibration.
  • Resin handling system: for easier material management.
  • Multiple-stack 3D printing: enables to 3D print on 4 levels of large-build areas.
  • LCD screen and touch-screen: the 3D printer boasts a 7-inch LCD screen and a 10-inch touchscreen for a better user experience.
  • RFID Material Identification (optional): detects the type of material resin to adapt its settings accordingly.

RapidShape HA40 II price

Contact the manufacturer to obtain a quote for the RapidShape HA40 II.

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